jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

sunny murray

mon amie antoine me reenvia un correo que acaba de recibir. copio y pego.
Merci de prêter attention à l'email ci-dessous.
Alexandre Pierrepont

Hi the community,

This is Benjamin Sanz, drummer in Paris. I hope that everybody is doing well.

I want to bring your attention on the fact that the great Sunny Murray is not doing well actually. He is actually very depressed and have been put in a psychiatric hospital for one week because his friend for 22 years Isabelle, which is a very nice and a great person, couldn't handle that alone anymore (knowing Sunny and how he is now, it is very understandable). Isabelle told me that this is not a bad, a mean place where they might just "let people die" like we all know that it exists. Sunny really need to rest but we wish him to get out of here te sooner the better. He just need to go out and see people, and hopefully less medication.
I know Sunny, what he really need is recognition from the community so he can feel himself better and so he will continue to show us how great he is.

Then maybe we'll continue to have him with us, which is such a wonderful thing, i can tell.

Let's write him letters and call him just to send him love and help him to get out of here before he will give up and let himself die in this hospital.

Also it is good for them at the hospital to see that he is not alone. Because we can't really know yet what is their way of thinking about keeping him/letting him out and his medication.  

The last time i did see him, one month ago, Sunny could still play and make me laugh so hard that i had abdominal aches until two days after.  

Please transfer this email to the other people he know, musicians or big fans. Just tell him Benjamin did tell you he was there (He's my friend for 18 years).

 For the ones who have the contacts of Bill Cosby, Cecil Taylor ( i heard he always ask about Sunny) , Leena Conquest, Bertrand Denzler, William Parker, Henry Grimes and Margareth, people in NY and Philly...Please forward. I just called Archie Shepp and David Murray, they will call him too. Let's call him and write him to send our love, that's all he really needs now.

- Phone line direct to his space: (0033) 1 69 89 35 24

- Adress :

Sunny Murray, Pavillon 7 Ouvert
Hôpital l'EAU VIVE
6 Avenue du Général de Gaulle
91450 Soisy Sur Seine

You can also call the personnal working at the Hospital :  (0033) 1 69 89 87 00 (so they know he's not alone) then ask "le bureau des infirmières", " le 7 Ouvert"  (pronounced like "set oovair" in american) or the Dr Noakovitch, who is his Psychiatrist for informations. I'll talk to him today and we go see Sunny with Bobby Few june 6.

We can keep you posted but let's keep him posted!

Let's focus for a moment on giving him the recognition and love he deserves to help let him out quick, i'll set him up a gig as soon as it's done.  

Peace and blessings to you all, be well.


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juan antonio dijo...

Vaya ! Pues como sabes está anunciado para primeros de Agosto en Lisboa, esperemos que para entonces ( o antes ) esté totalmente recuperado.